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Our 50th Anniversary Banquet



To All My Fellow Sons Members,


Due to recent management and budgeting changes at our banquet facilities (3 West Club), our costs almost doubled and made it impossible for us to successfully put on our 50th Anniversary Banquet. This, plus the alarmingly low number of reservations received thus far, have left us no alternative but to cancel our banquet. You can't imagine how disappointed and upset we are to have to cancel the event, but we had no other choice. To those of you in the Sons around the country who had sent in your reservations, we do apologize for having to cancel this event. In the next few weeks, we will be issuing to you full refund checks for your dinner reservations. This is the first time in the history of the New York Founding Tent that we've ever had to do this. It was upsetting to me and the other board members who worked so hard in planning and we didn't mean to disappoint you, the Sons of the Desert members. We hope that your tent will celebrate 50 years on your own this year and that you will plan a fun event for YOUR members. As for the New York Tent, we will celebrate OUR 50th anniversary at a later general meeting.



Jack Roth

Grand Sheik, Founding Tent, Oasis #1


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